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Saturday, February 15, 2003


This is a very very funny Onion piece about the arbitrary U.S. foreign policy of this Bush Administracion... Read it!

PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA—As the U.S. continues to inch toward war with Iraq, a jealous and frustrated North Korea is wondering what it has to do to attract American military attention.

"What does it take to get a few F-16s or naval warships deployed to the Yellow Sea?" North Korean president Kim Jong Il asked Monday. "In the past month and a half, we've expelled U.N. nuclear inspectors, withdrawn from the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, restarted a mothballed nuclear complex capable of producing weapons-grade plutonium, and threatened to resume missile tests. You'd think that would be enough to get a measly Marine division or two on standby in the Pacific, but apparently not."

Kim said his nation is "way more deserving" of B-52 deployment than Iraq.

"Bush says his number one priority is eliminating weapons of mass destruction, but he sure doesn't act that way," Kim said. "Iraq may have weapons of mass destruction and may be developing more. The DPRK, on the other hand, does have weapons of mass destruction and isn't about to stop making them any time soon."

Thursday, February 13, 2003


Feb. 13 — A key piece of the information leading to recent terror alerts was fabricated, according to two senior law enforcement officials in Washington and New York.
The officials said that a claim made by a captured al Qaeda member that Washington, New York or Florida would be hit by a "dirty bomb" sometime this week had proven to be a product of his imagination.
The informant described a detailed plan that an al Qaeda cell operating in either Virginia or Detroit had developed a way to slip past airport scanners with dirty bombs encased in shoes, suitcases, or laptops, sources told ABCNEWS. The informant reportedly cited specific targets of government buildings and Christian or clerical centers.
"This piece of that puzzle turns out to be fabricated and therefore the reason for a lot of the alarm, particularly in Washington this week, has been dissipated after they found out that this information was not true," said Vince Cannistraro, former CIA counter-terrorism chief and ABCNEWS consultant.
It was only after the threat level was elevated to orange — meaning high — last week, that the informant was subjected to a polygraph test by the FBI, officials told ABCNEWS.

Do these people check out anything before they baptise it as truth? They raise hell, scare the daylights out of parents of students in New York and surely elsewhere and this government makes no apologies, they just shrug it off and are like "well, he lied." Give me a friggin' break.


Japan has warned it would launch a pre-emptive military action against North Korea if it had firm evidence Pyongyang was planning a missile attack.
Defence Minister Shigeru Ishiba said it would be "a self-defence measure" if North Korea was going to "resort to arms against Japan".
Mr Ishiba said it would be too late if a North Korean missile was already on its way.
His remarks were the latest in the international row over Pyongyang's nuclear intentions, and followed a North Korean warning that it had the ability to strike American targets anywhere in the world, if provoked.

Well, if Korea is planning an attack, then I could go along with that. They are threatening U.S. interests. This map shows the radius of North Korean missile range:

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

The tension that is now rising within the Western alliance, NATO and the U.N. over how to deal with Iraq is deeply disturbing. It raises fears that the postwar security system, which stabilized the world for 50 years, could come unglued if America intervenes alone in Iraq. At the birth of this security system, Secretary of State Dean Acheson wrote a memoir titled "Present at the Creation." Can we deal with Iraq and still ensure that Secretary of State Colin Powell's memoir is not titled "Present at the Destruction"?
We don't need a broad coalition to break Iraq. We can do that ourselves. But we do need a broad coalition to rebuild Iraq, so that the American taxpayer and Army do not have to bear that full burden or be exposed alone at the heart of the Arab-Muslim world. President Bush, if he alienates the allies from going to war — the part we can do alone — is depriving himself of allies for the peace — the part where we'll need all the friends we can get.
France, China and Russia have to get serious, but so do we. The Bush talk that we can fight this war with just a "coalition of the willing" — meaning Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia — is dangerous nonsense. There is only one coalition that matters to the average American and average world citizen. It is one approved by the U.N. and NATO. We may not be able to garner it, but we need to be doing everything we can — everything — to try before we go to war.

Why is Germany absent from this article? I oppose an invasion of Iraq, and I still find myself agreeing with some of Friedman's points (the parts in bold). Yet, for all of the level-headed reason and coolness emanating from the pen of Mr. Friedman, he forgets a few points. He is remiss in not even mentioning the civilians who will be killed by the slew of bombs and missiles lobbed their way, he does not mention any X factors that could affect how the Iraqi people, who may or may not see the U.S. as liberators, feel about our military or react to our military. So there it is, I have defeated the strongest pro-invasion premise I have seen! YES!! I AM THE MAN!!!


Just go to Take Back the Media, my words do no justice to this website, just go already!!!


I am delighted to say that the Memory Bank has taken its first hit from CANADA!!!! Though I am a proud American, I am absolutely taken aback that a
Canadian would take the time to view this page. In any case, I thank all of you for your support, we are edging toward our first 100 daily hits, which would be remarkable given the age of the website and the infancy of our experience in all things blog. Thanks a ton for reading, thinking and hopefully acting...


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- House and Senate negotiators have agreed that a Pentagon project intended to detect terrorists by monitoring e-mail and commercial databases for health, financial and travel information cannot be used against Americans.
The conferees also agreed to restrict further research on the program without extensive consultation with Congress.
House leaders agreed with Senate fears about the threat to personal privacy posed by the Pentagon program, known as Total Information Awareness (TIA). So they accepted a Senate provision in the omnibus spending bill passed last month, said Rep. Jerry Lewis, R-Calif., who heads the defense appropriations subcommittee.
Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., senior Democrat on the subcommittee, said of the program, "Jerry's against it, and I'm against it, so we kept the Senate amendment." Of the Pentagon, he said, "They've got some crazy people over there."
The only obstacles to the provision becoming law would be the failure of the conferees to reach agreement on the overall spending bill in which it is included, or a successful veto of the bill by President Bush...
One important factor in the breadth of the opposition is the fact that the project is headed by retired Adm. John Poindexter. Several members of Congress have said he is an unwelcome symbol because he was convicted of lying to Congress when he was President Ronald Reagan's national security adviser. That his conviction was reversed on the grounds that he had been given immunity for the testimony in which he lied did not mitigate congressional opinion, they said.

Total Information Awareness would enable a team of intelligence analysts to gather and view information from databases, pursue links between individuals and groups, respond to automatic alerts, and share information, all from their individual computers. It could link such different electronic sources as video feeds from airport surveillance cameras, credit card transactions, airline reservations and records of telephone calls. The data would be filtered through software that would constantly seek suspicious patterns.

The action [by the courageous congressional leaders] was praised by Democrats and Republicans and by outside groups on both the political right and left.

We've got some heart left in our big government. =)


Washington- AMERICAN war planners believe that they have little more than 48 hours from the start of a ground war to kill President Saddam Hussein if they are to avoid a protracted conflict and a complicated peace.
Haunted by the failure to capture Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, Washington is putting in place plans to limit the damage if it fails to topple the Iraqi leader swiftly.

Read this story. It is scary, not because they want to kill Saddam Hussein, but I urge you to count how many sources have been referenced in this story. ONE SOURCE. That's a consistency, and this page made the A section of the TImes of London. The Times, along with the Associated Press have been citing SINGLE SOURCES WITHOUT INDEPENDENT CORROBORATION in many, many war stories, check it out yourself...

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

We encourage you to keep organizing and mobilizing for February 15: People in more than 300 cities throughout the globe are organizing protests this weekend against the Iraq war (including San Francisco): Let's make New York City's protest the biggest, most passionate anti-war gathering of them all.



The Neo-con wingnuts are almost unanimously former big government, "tax and spend" liberals. They have infiltrated El Presidente's administracion at the highest levels and still like to tax (the poor) and spend (on war and surveillance). The Guardian of London reports:

Republicans say that with the weak economy and the terrorist threat, the world has changed and a balanced budget remains an important goal - eventually. For now, they say, the government and the $10.5 trillion U.S. economy can cope with currently projected deficits.
``There are times when it is necessary for the federal government to borrow in order to address critical national priorities. These are such times,'' White House budget chief Mitchell Daniels told the House Budget Committee last week.
Contrast that with the GOP's predominant budget message, from President Reagan to House Republicans' 1994 ``Contract with America'' and beyond. Republicans spoke relentlessly then about eliminating the string of deficits that was unabated since 1970 - coupled with their goals of cutting taxes and trimming federal spending.

Old conservatism is all but dead, and the disconnect between the libertarians and nativists on one side vs. the neo-conservatives is ever-widening, just read any column on the subject by Patrick Buchanan. This subject isn't that interesting, so I'll move on to funner things, cheers!


The Whitehouse(dot org) has just posted the cutest letters sent to the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the emperor of the free world, George Dubya Bush, by our great nation's bestest little brilliant minis!!! Here is what the children are concerned about:

The kids have convinced me to run to the election bureau first thing in the morning to register Republican, just so I can vote for Dubya in the primary!! These children have inspired me to be a born-again con wingnut, and have thus outdone El Prez himself, there is hope for the future of conservatism after all!!

Monday, February 10, 2003

According to the Smoking Gun.com:

Hey, dude, you're getting a cell! Benjamin Curtis, the 22-year old actor who portrays the Dell Guy in those bothersome computer commercials, was arrested late last night (2/9) on a marijuana possession charge, The Smoking Gun has learned. According to cops, Curtis was holding a "small bag of marijuana" when he was popped on Manhattan's Lower East Side (at Ludlow and Rivington for you Gothamites). Curtis is currently being held in Central Booking and is scheduled to be arraigned later today in Manhattan Criminal Court. Curtis, who lives in lower Manhattan, was charged with criminal possession of marijuana, a misdemeanor. Bonnie Shumofsky, the actor's agent, said she was unaware of her client's bust when contacted this morning by TSG.

One thing that has always struck me about the drug war is that it always seems to target two groups- famous people and poor people. The New York Police Department would never storm the campus of Columbia University for drugs, why not? Nevertheless the cops always seem to knab the visible celebrity minority and then they purge the poor areas and purge the faceless, destitute masses of folks whose only crime is lighting a joint. Hundreds of thousands of youths are thrown into jail every year for drug related charges, but why doesn't the U.S. government make it a priority to shut down banks that launder drug money, the money has to travel somewhere? Why doesn't our government investigate the high end customs and coast guard officials who are mysteriously letting drugs flow in and not "discovering" the passages and routes by which big time drug dealers let drugs get into the country? And if president Clinton or Presidente Bush did drugs when they were young, how they hell do they have the moral authority to ruin kids lives by enforcing the evil stigmatization that comes with drug arrests-- if kids are arrested for using drugs, they become ineligible for many government grants and scholarships, which is fine except why didn't George Dubya or Slick Willy become ineligible for the presidency for doing drugs?

If they want to make it impossible for us to get jobs, go to school or make any other kind of decent living just for smoking a joint, then I think WE THE PEOPLE should pass laws that do background checks and drug tests on all Federal candidates and elected officials to make it illegal for THEM, THE POLITICIANS to have their jobs if they have ever done or still do drugs, even marijuana.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's German family has disowned him. THIS IS NOT ONE OF MY SATIRE/SARCASM PIECES, I AM FOR REAL.

The American defence chief Donald Rumsfeld has been disowned by his anti-war relatives in north Germany, reports Tony Paterson
The Rumsfelds of Weyhe-Sudweyhe, an unremarkable red-brick suburb of Bremen, were once proud of their long-lost cousin, America's secretary of state for defence - but no longer.
Like many Germans, they are appalled by Donald Rumsfeld's hawkish attitude to military action against Saddam Hussein. About 18,000 anti-war demonstrators marched through Munich yesterday to protest at his presence at an international security conference - chanting slogans such as "No room for Rumsfeld!"
"We think it is dreadful that Donald Rumsfeld is out there pushing for a war against Iraq," Karin Cecere (nee Rumsfeld), 59, said from her two-up, two-down home last week. "We are embarrassed to be related to him," she told The Telegraph.

I thought familial love was unconditional, is this like a Civil War circumstance where brother will fight against brother and cousin against cousin, aunt against uncle? Rummy has just been demoted by the old family, who apparently don't want to get lynched by the crowd of peace protesters in the streets. Rumsfeld has had some fightin' words for the Germans in the past few weeks:

Even before his arrival in Germany yesterday, Mr Rumsfeld had faced fierce criticism from senior German government officials for describing France and Germany as "old Europe".
Last week he caused further outrage when he told the House Armed Services Committee in Washington that Germany, like "Libya and Cuba", had indicated that it "did not want to help in any way" the international efforts to tackle Iraq.

Though Rumsfeld is a hawk, he sure is witty, you've got to give that to him...


I just want to know why. Why the hell so they want to spy on us? Ashcroft is making it impossible for people to simply live in peace, without worrying about big brother taking down everything you say and keeping track of everything you do. http://www.public-i.org/dtaweb/report.asp?ReportID=502&L1=10&L2=10&L3=0&L4=0&L5=0


Anybody who knows me knows I'm hopelessly enslaved by music, girls, politics and cars. This car is just another reinforcement on those shackles:

I will build a shrine to Bentley Motors if they come out with this.


Many Libertarians want to stage a bloodless coup of a small state...

A growing contingent of libertarians have decided that to get anywhere in politics they need to go ... somewhere. A plan by the Free State Project calls for 20,000 “freedom-loving people” to move to a small state and stage a bloodless coup in the next five years. In this utopia the state would slash taxes, reject most federal assistance, dump gun-control laws, legalize drugs, disband public schools and privatize almost all services.

Would they privatize the police department or fire department? Kill unions, public schools, public parks, public transportation? They'd kill social security, regulation of corporate crime, and safety regulations on cars, toys, guns, and drugs. They would make heroin legal while refusing to fund drug treatment. If there were a libertarian police department in your town or city maybe they would decide not to send in that unit if it would cost too much money to get over there, near you (as the thief runs away with your nice plasma tv). Maybe a libertarian private jail would decide that it needs inmates to meet the bottom line. I think you get the picture.


CNN reports:

LONDON, England (Reuters) -- British theatre-goers are flocking to a new farce which mocks U.S. President George W. Bush as a pyjama-wearing buffoon cuddling a teddy-bear while his crazed military chiefs order nuclear strikes on Iraq.
"The Madness of George Dubya" -- which mercilessly satirises British Prime Minister Tony Blair as well as Bush -- has proved such a success at a fringe theatre in London that it is moving to a larger venue next week for an extended run.


We're a bit closer to the big 'kaboom'; Iran has the big peace of the puzzle of nuclear weapons and destruction...

Iran, which Washington has labelled a member of an "axis of evil" along with Iraq and North Korea, insists its nuclear plans are purely for civilian purposes for its 65 million people.
It has invited inspectors from the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency, the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), to verify its nuclear facilities later this month.
In another development, state television quoted Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani as saying Iran, for the first time, had developed the capacity to produce composite solid fuels for its missiles.

This seems as credible as the U.S.'s "defensive anthrax" a few posts down. Iran wants to go nuclear so that the United States won't mess with them, I would too if I were a member of the "axis of evil" and had a regime to protect...


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