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Saturday, March 08, 2003

This letter is a whip that has the potential to haunt the Bush Administration until the day they lose to a Democrat
on 2 November, 2004, mark the date. This is an insider, a diplomat who has seen almost everything, all sorts of
politics gone awry, all sorts of power games, deception, bullsnot and manipulation. There is something about this
President, this administration that repulses Mr. Kiesling enough to fire himself from what he describes as a
"dream job." The quotes are more scathing than dry ice, the opinion rages like a bull, these are excerpts from former
Diplomat John Kiesling's letter of resignation to Colin Powell, Secretary of State. This is a deep and articulate letter,
bear with me:

Dear Mr. Secretary:

I am writing you to submit my resignation from the Foreign Service of the United States and from my position as
Political Counselor in U.S. Embassy Athens, effective March 7. I do so with a heavy heart. The baggage of my
upbringing included a felt obligation to give something back to my country. Service as a U.S. diplomat was a dream job.
I was paid to understand foreign languages and cultures, to seek out diplomats, politicians, scholars and journalists, and
to persuade them that U.S. interests and theirs fundamentally coincided. My faith in my country and its values was the
most powerful weapon in my diplomatic arsenal.

It is inevitable that during twenty years with the State Department I would become more sophisticated and cynical about
the narrow and selfish bureaucratic motives that sometimes shaped our policies. Human nature is what it is, and I was
rewarded and promoted for understanding human nature.

But until this Administration it had been possible to believe that by upholding the policies of my president I was also
upholding the interests of the American people and the world. I believe it no longer.

PUNCH LINE right there, the policies of President Bush are not in the interests of Americans, and are not in the
interests of the world. Oh Mr. Diplomat, would you, oh so diplomatically, tell us exactly how this President's actions
and policies are screwing us all?:

The policies we are now asked to advance are incompatible not only with American values but also with American
interests. Our fervent pursuit of war with Iraq is driving us to squander the international legitimacy that has been America’s
most potent weapon of both offense and defense since the days of Woodrow Wilson. We have begun to dismantle the
largest and most effective web of international relationships the world has ever known. Our current course will bring
instability and danger, not security.

Deconstruction of 100 years of diplomacy and international goodwill, this President is undoing the successes of the
American Century.

The sacrifice of global interests to domestic politics and to bureaucratic self-interest is nothing new, and it is certainly
not a uniquely American problem. Still, we have not seen such systematic distortion of intelligence, such systematic
manipulation of American opinion, since the war in Vietnam. The September 11 tragedy left us stronger than before,
rallying around us a vast international coalition to cooperate for the first time in a systematic way against the threat of
terrorism. But rather than take credit for those successes and build on them, this Administration has chosen to make
terrorism a domestic political tool, enlisting a scattered and largely defeated Al Qaeda as its bureaucratic ally.

GASP!!! Lies!! Deceit!! Manipulation!! This Administration uses the threat of terrorism to mold public opinion in its
image, they use exaggerated threats of terror to achieve their political (aka 'bureaucratic') goals. Oh Mr. Diplomat,
would you please enlighten me as to what those goals are?

We spread disproportionate terror and confusion in the public mind, arbitrarily linking the unrelated problems of
terrorism and Iraq. The result, and perhaps the motive, is to justify a vast misallocation of shrinking public wealth to
the military and to weaken the safeguards that protect American citizens from the heavy hand of government. September
11 did not do as much damage to the fabric of American society as we seem determined to so to ourselves. Is the
Russia of the late Romanovs really our model, a selfish, superstitious empire thrashing toward self-destruction in the name
of a doomed status quo?

The goals and the means by which the Bushies achieve them, as stated by the kind diplomat:
a)Linking terrorism and Iraq via "spreading disproportionate terror and confusion in the public mind."

b)Give military more money than it needs via misrepresentation and manipulation of public mind.

c)"Weaken the safeguards that protect American citizens from the HEAVY HAND OF GOVERNMENT."

CONCLUSION: 11 September 2001 did not damage the fabric of American Society to the extent this President tries
to exploit it for the gain of his own agenda, WE ARE STRONGER THAN THAT...

The rest of this letter can be found at the link of above, I beg you to hit Republicans over the head with this one
a few times, it'll be great to see their faces...


WASHINGTON, DC—Lost for nearly two years, the U.S. Constitution was found Tuesday behind a couch in the
Governor's Reception Room. "Wow, I forgot all about that thing," said U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT), who found the
historic document while vacuuming. "Nobody knew what happened to it. Guess it must've fallen back there during
a meeting." After making the find, Dodd spent several minutes rereading some of his favorite old amendments.


The Onion is a better source of news and opinon than the New York Times, they connect the dots of
public perceptions and information like no other media outlet...

WASHINGTON, DC—With Black History Month over, U.S. citizens are putting aside thoughts of Harriet
Tubman and George Washington Carver to resume the traditional observation of White History Year.
White History Year, which runs annually from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, with a 28-day break for Black History
Month in February, is dedicated to the recognition of European-Americans' contributions to American politics
and culture.

"Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King Jr. are all well and good," said Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist
at a banquet celebrating the arrival of White History Year, "but now is the time to reflect on the accomplishments
of such whites as Babe Ruth, Alexander Graham Bell, and Presidents Washington through Bush. Let's use these
next 11 months to remember the other American history."

"Whites have contributed so much to this country," Frist continued. "Did you, for example, know that a white man,
Jonas Salk, discovered the cure for polio? It's true."
From now until Feb. 1, 2004, educators will eschew discussions of Rosa Parks in favor of Andrew Carnegie, Neil
Armstrong, and Tim Allen. Schools nationwide will shelve African-American history pamphlets in favor of such
Caucasiacentric materials as the Macmillan & Rowe American History Textbook New Revised Standard Edition and
Encyclopedia Britannica.

Scholars say there is a remarkable wealth of documented white history to explore.


I bought five copies of this one. Batman penciler Jim Lee is a great artist. You will not be disappointed...


North Korea's "unofficial" spokesman has a lot of empty threats for the people of this country, and its largest cities.
These beefy exchanges between the U.S. and North Korea serves to demonstrate how nukes are no good in anyone's
hands and that we should be willing to sacrifice something-- be it our pride, or, heaven forbid, our military-- to keep nukes
away from North Korea.

North Korea would launch a ballistic missile attack on the United States if Washington made a pre-emptive strike against
the communist state's nuclear facility, the man described as Pyongyang's "unofficial spokesman" claimed yesterday.
Kim Myong-chol, who has links to the Stalinist regime, told reporters in Tokyo that a US strike on the nuclear facility at
Yongbyon "means nuclear war".

"If American forces carry out a pre-emptive strike on the Yongbyon facility, North Korea will immediately target, carry the
war to the US mainland," he said, adding that New York, Washington and Chicago would be "aflame".

A pre-emptive strike on Yongbyon is one of the strategic options in the crisis over North Korea's nuclear arms program. The
US has deployed 24 long-range bombers to the Pacific base of Guam capable of launching such a strike.


The nation suffered job losses in February that were the worst since the two months after the Sept. 11
terrorist attacks, the government reported yesterday. Bad weather and war fears combined to prolong the
economy's malaise, and the unemployment rate nudged up to 5.8 percent from 5.7 percent in January.
The numbers from the Labor Department showed the disappearance of 308,000 jobs from the nation's payrolls.
The Bush administration called the figures disappointing but said they showed the need for quick action on the
president's plan to cut taxes.

"Today's news underscores the need for us to act now," said John W. Snow, the Treasury secretary. He
contended that carrying out President Bush's proposal would soon lead to the creation of jobs. But the White
House's economic policy came under a barrage of criticism from many prominent Democrats.

"The Bush economic plan has left this country unprepared for the economy of the future and without a strategy to
spur meaningful economic growth," Representative Richard A. Gephardt, the Missouri Democrat who is running for
president, said in a statement. Tom Daschle, the Senate minority leader, released a statement accusing President
Bush of having "turned our economy into a job-destroying machine."

Friday, March 07, 2003


Panama City Beach, Florida-AP -- The mayor of America's spring break capital wants nothing to do with wild
girls.The creators of the "Girls Gone Wild" videos are planning a live pay-per-view broadcast next Thursday from an
undisclosed spring break destination. In the videos, college-age women bare their breasts while partying.

The "Girls Gone Wild" production crew and tour bus recently arrived in Panama City Beach, Florida.

That's prompted police and the sheriff's office to be on alert, with officers on the lookout for public nudity,
lewd acts and disorderly conduct.
Mayor Lee Sullivan, a former police chief himself, warns that if girls go wild in his town, they'll go to jail -- along
with the crew.


Do the Fed's really think that arresting former airport workers for fudging their resumes is going to help in the war
against terror when none of the people arrested are terror suspects?

On Nov. 19, law enforcement officials summoned reporters to a news conference to announce the arrests of scores of
workers at New York airports as part of a national security crackdown. They gave chilling examples of restaurant workers,
mechanics and other employees gaining access to secure areas of airports by lying about their criminal past.
"These individuals represent a significant vulnerability to the security of our air transportation system," Roslynn R. Mauskopf,
the United States attorney in Brooklyn, said at the time.

In 15 cases in Brooklyn federal court, defendants have pleaded guilty, and more than 30 others are working their way through
that court. But nearly four months after the news conference, as the first of the cases stemming from the crackdown begin
to reach juries, the federal prosecutors are having difficulty winning convictions. In the first three cases to go to trial, juries
quickly acquitted two of the defendants, and a judge dismissed the charge before the jury could vote in the third case.

Though it is too early to measure the success of the initiative, the first Brooklyn cases to come to trial present a microcosm of
the debate surrounding many of the aggressive law enforcement efforts since the Sept. 11 terror attacks. Prosecutors say new
security concerns require action, while some civil liberties lawyers argue that many of the arrests seem aimed mostly at public
relations and ignore the cost to the people selected as examples.

In recent interviews, several of the jurors in the cases that went to trial raised questions about why the prosecutors pursued
those defendants in the crackdown at Kennedy and La Guardia Airports.

"It definitely was overblown," said Brian A. Lorber, who was on a panel that acquitted a 26-year-old Queens man in little more
than an hour. "They should have looked for somebody who was a genuine security risk." The defendant, Leon Tuckett, was
never hired at an airport, but he was charged with a felony. Prosecutors said he intentionally failed to disclose on an application
for an airport security pass that he had been convicted of a misdemeanor when he was 19. The felony charge carried a maximum
prison term of five years.


Of course, the Republicans will try to convince latinos that the Democrats are against this judge because he is latino.
Now, this argument makes no sense because the Republicans would oppose a leftist judge who was latino, but
they don't want latinos to remember that part of the equation. The Republicans somehow believe that latinos will support
this judge's nomination to the second most important seat in the country simply because he is latino, they're simply
exploiting this man's color to further their conservative political agenda. This is found in the New York Times:

WASHINGTON, March 6 — Senate Republicans lost a crucial test vote today over President Bush's nomination of Miguel
Estrada to the federal appeals court in Washington, gaining 55 votes, 5 short of the 60 needed to cut off debate.
Today's vote left only increased confusion over how the issue, with its complex brew of ethnic and judicial politics, will play
out. Each side seemed increasingly obstinate, declaring that the other was trampling on the Constitution.
The Republicans hold a 51-49 majority in the Senate, enough to confirm Mr. Estrada. But the Democrats have been able
to prevent a vote by or going into prolonged debate when the Republicans have sought to bring up his nomination.
The only way to break a filibuster is a parliamentary procedure requiring at least 60 votes, meaning the Republicans would
need to persuade nine Democrats to join them.
Today, only four Democrats voted to end the filibuster, leaving the Republicans five votes short.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

According to Yahoo News:

NEW YORK - City bus and subway fares will jump by 50 cents to $2 this spring under a decision Thursday that will
affect more than 7 million daily commuters on the nation's largest mass transit system.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (news - external web site) said it needs the money to deal with an estimated
$952 million deficit over the next two years.
"We can't do everything that everybody wants," MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow said during a public hearing. "It's impossible."
After the vote, a crowd chanted at board members, "Shame on you! Shame on you!"
"As you've heard, again and again, New Yorkers are outraged," Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz told the
board. "It makes absolutely no sense to even consider a fare increase."
The board also boosted tolls on its bridges and tunnels, including the Triborough Bridge and the Queens Midtown and
Brooklyn-Battery tunnels, by 50 cents to $4. Fares will also rise 25 percent on the Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road
commuter lines May 1.

In case you didn't know, the entire country is struggling right now, but New York has it particularly bad. In any recession
the poor and the middle class are the first ones to go and a lot of ordinary people are barely holding on by the hairs on their
chinny chin chins (this is even harder for mothers, given they lack facial chair.) In any case, the government's impulse to pass
on these costs to the citizens of New York City just gives normal people a greater burden, another regressive flat tax to eat
away at the earnings of hard working people who commute to make a living...


Boy oh boy. Old men telling women with PMS to pray harder to get rid of the cramps. Old men watering the slope
by telling women when to give birth, old men planning to tell women not to use the morning after pill, to bear
babies of rape and incest. Old men telling women that fathers of fetuses have the right to see the fetus born despite
what mommy says. These old men are George Dubya and his cronies and religious inquisition. Let individuals
choose, let families assist and advise, but please let the government stay out of the homes and vaginas of our nation's
women Furious George!

Vicky Saporta was only two weeks into her job as president and CEO of the National Abortion Federation in 1995 when
she first heard the phrase: partial birth abortion.
It’s a phrase that sent her emotions reeling into overdrive then, and one that eight years later continues to rile her as she
prepares to fight what looks like a losing battle to stop Congress from passing the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act.
Republican lawmakers expect President Bush to sign the bill into law before the Easter recess. In his January State of
the Union speech, Bush named the bill as one of his top priorities.
It bans multiple abortion procedures and makes pregnant women with health risks vulnerable to hysterectomies instead of
the partial birth abortion method and provides no exception for the life of the mother.

Conservatives and Republicans can never claim to be a party for individual rights and liberties as long as they vouch
to violate the individual right of women in this way. To the conservatives, a woman has no right to life, and life is
sanctified only because they think the Bible says so. Where are the old time conservatives, the Barry Goldwater cons
who understand the importance of separation of church and state?

We are experiencing a blitz by the conservatives, led by Furious George, to do long-term damage to the progressive agenda,
they are trying to permanently skew the tax code for the extremely wealthy, criminalize abortion, legalize government spying
on lawful citizens, destroy public education, privatize social security, legalize anti-queer discrimination, and stigmatize
individualism and diversity in this country. To them, if you don't accept their hot beef injection, you're unpatriotic, you're ungodly,
your a commie, well its time for the Democrats to stop bending over. The Democrats ought to raise hell over this, they should
be fundraising and initiating a brutal public relations campaign against this President's agenda, because his agenda is not what
Americans want government to address, our priorities are not on his agenda. People with kids want government to improve
public schools, people with jobs want job security, people who work hard every day want to know that since they work hard,
they won't be poor despite working hard. Women want to know that they won't be paid less money for doing the exact same
job as men, everybody wants to know that they'll be able to be treated if they are ill. So if all of these problems are unsolved,
then why is Bush focusing on a completely different agenda? Why have the Republicans set a completely different agenda?
The Republicans in Congress serve some very specific people, as do the Democrats, and government is a means for many of
these people to consolidate the power of their cronies and families...

To each his own...

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

One of my partner's in crime has posted a scary tale of a man who lives and tells women who have PMS to pray to Jesus. This man is a doctor, this man is a Bush appointee...

President Bush has announced his plan to select Dr. W. David Hager to head up the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee. This position does not require Congressional approval. The FDA's Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee makes crucial decisions on matters relating to drugs used in the practice of obstetrics, gynecology and related specialties, including hormone therapy, contraception, treatment for infertility, and medical alternatives to surgical procedures for sterilization and pregnancy termination.

Dr. Hager's views of reproductive health care are far outside the mainstream of setback for reproductive technology. Dr. Hager is a practicing OB/GYN who describes himself as "pro-life" and refuses to prescribe contraceptives to unmarried women. Hager is the author of "As Jesus Cared for Women: Restoring Women Then and Now." The book blends biblical accounts of Christ healing women with case studies from Hager's practice.

In the book Dr. Hager wrote with his wife, entitled "Stress and the Woman's Body," he suggests that women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome should seek help from reading the bible and praying. As an editor and contributing author of "The Reproduction Revolution: A Christian Appraisal of Sexuality, Reproductive Technologies and the Family," Dr. Hager appears to have endorsed the medically inaccurate assertion that the common birth control pill is an abortifacient.

Hagar's mission is religiously motivated. He has an ardent interest in revoking approval of mifepristone (formerly known as RU-486) as a safe and early form of medical abortion. Hagar recently assisted the Christian Medical Association in a "citizen's petition" which calls upon the FDA to revoke its approval of mifepristone in the name of women's health. Hager's desire to overturn mifepristone's approval on religious grounds rather than scientific merit would halt the development of mifepristone as a treatment for numerous medical conditions disproportionately affecting women, including breast cancer, uterine cancer, uterine fibroid tumors, psychotic depression, bipolar depression and Cushing's syndrome.


This is the mindset that we are dealing with in this administration. What would you say (or do) to your doc if you had cancer and he said to you that he was going to hold off on the treatment in favor of giving you time to pray? If a cement mixer fell on Dr. Hager's foot, would he pray for it to roll off of his foot? If Dr. Hager's were to go sky diving and his parachute broke, perhaps prayer would be the best option, but we have the most advanced medicine God has endowed humanity with right here in the 21st century, and to use it is to use God's creation, if Dr. Hager believes what I suspect he believes, that God has control of the universe and this universe, and its advanced medicine, is his (or her) creation. Hallelujah, Amen, happy Lent, I'm already praying for Pentacost...


The Drudge Report reports:

President Bush on Wednesday night was to make the ultimate call whether to strike and invade Iraq with military force, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

A top White House source offered few details, but did reveal the president would make a "defining decision" by morning.

The news comes just hours after Bush discussed top secret battle plans at the White House with his national security team and Army Gen. Tommy Franks, the man who would lead American forces in Iraq.


UNITED NATIONS - The United States has ordered two Iraqi diplomats to leave the country, Iraq's U.N. ambassador said Wednesday.


UNITED NATIONS - Bulgaria, a supporter of the Bush administration's Iraq stance, is about to be bestowed with the coveted economic status of "market economy."

Chile, a Security Council member which has not yet decided whether to support the U.S.-backed resolution to authorize war against Baghdad, is still waiting for congressional approval of a lucrative free trade agreement with the United States.

While officials and diplomats are loath to say that money may be on the line when countries cast their votes on Iraq, the economic might of the United States isn't far from anyone's minds.

In 1991, the United States withdrew $24 million in annual aid from Yemen, an impoverished U.N. member that failed to support the resolution authorizing the Persian Gulf War. At the time, U.S. diplomats told Yemen's ambassador that he had just cast the most expensive vote of his life.

The Bush administration, still lacking the nine votes it needs to get its latest Iraq resolution adopted by the Security Council, has sent mixed signals in recent days over whether and when it would seek a vote on the text.

Since France, Germany, Russia, China and Syria are unlikely to vote in favor of the resolution, the United States has been busy lobbying a handful of swing states — Mexico, Chile, Angola, Cameroon, Guinea and Pakistan.

Friends, its getting ugly. I hope you have a sense of humor and are doing fun things, this war will not turn you on, so stay warm, gear up for regime change in the United States in 20 months and plan for a wet and wild spring break...


The Miami Herald reports:

In 1991, Steven Lofton took home an infant boy born HIV-positive, because no one else wanted him as a foster child.
Four years later, Douglas Houghton became the legal guardian of a special-needs toddler whose father could not raise him.
The men -- both nurses -- want to adopt the boys. But they can't, because they're gay. Florida law prohibits gay men and lesbians from adopting children, making it the only state with a blanket ban.
''It's discriminatory and hateful, and it does nothing to benefit children,'' said Lofton, 45, a pediatric nurse, formerly of Miami Beach. He and his partner, Roger Croteau, are raising 11-year-old Bert, who no longer carries the virus that causes AIDS, in Portland, Ore...
The GOP-controlled Legislature has shown no interest in tinkering with the 1977 law, which succinctly says: ``No person eligible to adopt under this statute may adopt if that person is a homosexual.''

So what happens if a homosexual person is living a heterosexual lifestyle. What if a married couple with adopted children are divorced and both parents go off with partners of the same sex? This is the most asinine law I've read in the past 8 hours I'll get to the "Domestic Security Enhancement Act" later... I wonder, is it illegal for straight parents to adopt gay children? A reactionary Republican could pull a Clinton and quip "it depends on what the definition of that is." These people are such hypocrites, they view everything from their fundamentalist religious lense, everything is seen as a Biblical right or a Biblical wrong and with utter regard to religious authority, they'll quote the Pope on abortion but dis him on the war or execution or separation of church and state or charity or compassion and welfare for the poor or gender equality or every non abortion, non cloning issue. Conservatives always talk about their "way of life" being destroyed, as long as our homes remain our castles we can maintain our ways of life on our own, without government intervention to tell us what to do or what not to do before we help feed, clothe and protect Black HIV+ babies that rich families in Florida don't want to see in their neighborhoods while they tell a couple of decent, courageous and charitable men to stop being fags if they want to take in these poor babies who would be scarred forever by having two daddies. Would you rather be raised by queers or left to die?

Pope steps up anti-war crusade with call for Christians to fast

Pope John Paul II stepped up his crusade against a looming war in Iraq, urging the world's Christians to stage a fast for peace on the same day as his envoy is to meet US President George W. Bush.

The pope said the day of fasting on Wednesday would remind people of the long years of suffering endured by Iraqi citizens as a result of the international embargo against the country.

The fast will coincide with a meeting Wednesday between Bush and the pope's special envoy, Cardinal Pio Laghi, who the pope has entrusted with a special plea to restrain the US leader from waging war against Iraq.

It seems that this guy has a bit more principle than the United Nations, and I know the conservatives are absolutely itching to say something demeaning and mean about the Pope, but well... he's the Pope. I can't wait to hear con reactions to this one...


This, according to the Times of London, this very morning:

THE United Nations has drawn up a confidential plan to establish a post-Saddam government in Iraq in a move that suggests its leaders now consider war all but inevitable.
The plan, obtained by The Times, has been produced in great secrecy over the past month, even though Security Council approval of a “war resolution” hangs in the balance.

The UN is breaking a taboo, and arguably breaching its charter, by considering plans for Iraq’s future governance while it deals daily with President Saddam Hussein’s regime as a legitimate member.

The 60-page plan was ordered by Louise Frechette, the Canadian deputy of Kofi Annan, the Secretary-General, and was drawn up at the UN’s New York headquarters by a six-member pre-planning group. It envisages the UN stepping in about three months after a successful conquest of Iraq, and steering the country towards self-government, as in Afghanistan.

The plan resists British pressure to set up a full-scale UN administration. It also says that the UN should avoid taking direct control of Iraqi oil or becoming involved in vetting Iraqi officials for links to the President or staging elections under US military occupation.

It proposes instead the creation of a UN Assistance Mission in Iraq, to be known as Unami, to help to establish a new government.

Where's the backbone? I thought these countries in the U.N. were against the "American Imperialist" war against Iraq, I hate to sound like a conservative, but they have zero credibility, the security council members are taking money for their votes, the U.N. is dividing the territory and the oil fields because they don't want the U.S. to take them for themselves, these people are utterly cynical...

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

This is the "mastermind" scumbag behind the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Don't you think this guy looks sorta like Ron Jeremy after a hard night's work? They caught him in his sleep, he was given up by his neighbors who ratted him out for the reward money ($25 Million). Yes, those are American Dollars. Tally-ho!!! Capitalism is alive and well in the Islamic World!! I want to thank the Government for this score, and I'm doing this in writing because this my, unfortunately, be the last time I thank this Bush regime for anything...

Monday, March 03, 2003

There is a guest columnist writing on a Conservative Republican addition to the already top heavy Bush tax cut proposal, he is the Chief Executive Officer of CEOs for GOP, we have affirmative action here at the Memory Bank too, for Republicans:

I must commend the President for remaining true to his only constituency, we, the CEOs. He has been the embodiment of the holy alliance between big business and big government, when big government acts directly in response to what business asks for, all Americans benefit. If individual investors don't pay taxes on dividends, why should corporations? If individuals gain moneys from businesses for investing, what amounts to, trillions of dollars in stocks, bonds and pensions and don't pay taxes on the money they get back for taking that risk, then why should businesses pay any taxes for meeting the bottom line and getting this influx of money based on hypothetical forecasts and iffy performance predictions? Businesses are like individuals, we have needs, we have feelings, but we have theses feelings without having the perks of actual humanity and citizenship; nobody can ever get a face on us, we can't be genetically engineered yet, and we can't have hot passionate sex, not as a single corporate unit, although we manage to fuck billions of people every year... Well, in any case its excrutiatingly difficult for us corporations to not have the thrills of ordinary personhood such as death and taxes, cutthroat competition, government scrutiny and the indifference of politicians to issues that actually matter to regular people. Oh the notion, just the thought of being a citizen rather than a corporation is just so titilating, its just so boring being able to call up old Dubya and complain to him that we CEOs didn't individually get enough money in his tax proposal and that it would be better for the economy if we got even more money as corporations too. We CEOs have got to fight for our needs, we've got families, and we can't depend on medicare or social security when we retire, you know they're going to hell down the can! If we drive our businesses into the ground resulting in thousands of citizens losing their jobs, futures and retirements after many hard years of work then we've got to make sure we can eat and feed our cats, their kittens, and their kittens' servants, we definitely do not want our cats going on welfare, the male cats don't stick around and the single mom cats would be forced to work crazy hours for a yearly salary that I burn on strippers in a day! I mean, I wipe my ass with $10,000 bills, and that's how much these single mom welfare to work cats work for. I cannot have my cute little kittens running wild with nobody to watch them after school, they'll become delinquents, then they'll be put in the slammer with all the super bad cats, and I definitely cannot have my cats working in a dangerous cycle of poverty and disadvantage! Anyway, as a wealthy guy, I can tell you, getting more money from the government as a rich guy while the middle class pays the bulk of the taxes gives them an incentive to become rich, and there's nothing like desire to push our economy along, absolutely nothing like it, Dubya knows this, any smart guy knows this. I want to congratulate the Mamary Bank for taking a turn for the better and to cease its hard left liberal / quazi-libertarian whacko propaganda brigade, so I say to the editor, welcome to God's Team!!!

You're quite welcome Signior Wingnut Bulljizz, I enjoy your company. Keep your friends close and your opponents closer, and have a good day fucking billions of hard working people! Here's what el Presidente Furious George wants to do, according to the New York Times business section, which incidentally appears, to me, to have a conservative slant, or is it just me? There is a surprising amount of candor in business publications and business sections ranging from Forbes and The New York Times, to The Wall Street Journal and Investors Business Daily; if you read these publications the political goals of the Corporate and Finance lobbies are strikingly clear, and they are often very very good at achieving their goals. Just a heads up:

The Bush administration's tax proposal on dividends has become more friendly to investors and to some companies that pay no taxes. The effect of the latest changes, if enacted by Congress, would probably be to reduce the government's tax revenue by even more than under the original plan.

The changes, included in the legislative language last week when the bill was introduced by Senator Don Nickles, Republican of Oklahoma, mean that a number of companies whose dividends would have been taxable under the president's original proposal would now be tax exempt.

Pam Olson, the Treasury Department's top tax official, said the changes were made in response to complaints from companies.

One change will benefit companies that in the past have been forced to pay the corporate alternative minimum tax. Such payments can in some cases allow companies to avoid paying corporate income taxes, but under the latest version of the Bush plan, those companies may be able to pay tax-exempt dividends even as they avoid paying taxes.


If my favorite college basketball team, St. John's U, Red Storm, were to beat one team a year, and only one, I would pray that the team would be Duke. It happened last night, and it is now irrefutable that the Lord has spoken, St. John's is better than Duke and Duke is a mob of infidels. It was blasphemous for them to set foot in Madison Square Garden, the Mecca, the Jerusalem, the Rome of all arena sport and actually expect to beat the Lord's team. HA!!! ESPN reports:

NEW YORK -- Marcus Hatten was alone on the court with 19,610 people.

The St. John's senior was fouled with no time left on the clock and he stepped to the free throw line with a chance to give struggling St. John's an upset of Duke (No. 5 ESPN/USA Today, No. 6 AP).

With the sellout crowd at Madison Square Garden silent, Hatten made the free throw to cap a 12-0 run and give the Red Storm a 72-71 victory...

Hatten had 29 points, including 16 of the last 22 for the Red Storm (13-12), who held the Blue Devils scoreless over the final four minutes.

St. John's has been tested several times before this game, but now, they are a team, together, united, oiled and ready to kick ass.


The Conservative Right Wingnuts are trying to turn this invasion of Iraq into a war for the liberation and out of concern for the Muslim people of the Mid East. They make their case, the President has his quote below, and following that, Rudyard Kippling, British poet of 1899's "White Man's Burden" has his say in the matter. There are some "rhetorical coincidences."

With battle talk filling the air and the U.N. still holding out on approval, Bush offered up that expansive goal as the ultimate justification for the war. It's not just about disarming Saddam; it's about what the President considers a "battle for the future of the Muslim world." That stirring rhetoric may attract some wavering Americans, but it made little impact at the U.N., where the Security Council remained deeply divided. The Administration hopes to bring the diplomatic tussle over a new resolution censoring Iraq to a conclusion in the coming days. But Bush's speech made it clear that he plans to proceed toward war whether the U.N. goes along or not.

Take up the White Man's burden--
In patience to abide,
To veil the threat of terror
And check the show of pride;
By open speech and simple,
An hundred times made plain,
To seek another's profit
And work another's gain.

Take up the White Man's burden--
The savage wars of peace--
Fill full the mouth of Famine,
And bid the sickness cease;
And when your goal is nearest
(The end for others sought)
Watch sloth and heathen folly
Bring all your hope to nought...

Take up the White Man's burden,
And reap his old reward--
The blame of those ye better
The hate of those ye guard--
The cry of hosts ye humour
(Ah, slowly!) toward the light:--
"Why brought ye us from bondage,
Our loved Egyptian night?"

-Rudyard Kippling


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) - Picket lines were set up across the Yale University campus Monday as unions representing some 5,000 service workers kicked off a five-day strike to protest deadlocked contract talks.

Some students joined the picket lines, including freshman Alan Kennedy-Shaffer, who works part-time at a dining hall. He said he sympathizes with those who rely on the food service work to feed their own families.

"I believe it's important for Yale to treat its workers properly," he said.

All but one campus dining hall was closed because of the walkout. The university had given students $170 rebates on their room and board charges to buy meals.

I hope you Yalies continue to view this site. The internet service won't be disrupted by this, will it? Speaking of hits, there has been an up surge in hits in the past few days, thank you for your support, this site is a growing force on campuses all around the ant farm...



This is a funny flash presentation, check it out... Furious George wants to kill the terrorists, get their oil, pepper the land with oil friendly vehicles, or such is what some people say...


Are these people friggin' crazy?!?!?!?! Animals are cool. They should not be treated with cruelty, but are these PETA (www.peta.org) people crazy? I think Hitler was fond of comparing jews to livestock and pests, PETA should not walk down this road. I want to know if spiders are Nazis for eating flies, are birds Nazis for eating worms and butterflies? Are owls Nazis for eating rats? People are certainly not the only "Nazis" by PETA's brilliant choice of implicit definition...

Nobel Prize-winning author Isaac Bashevis Singer first noted the disturbing similarity between the treatment of Jews during the Holocaust and that of animals raised for food when he noticed that the techniques of mass slaughter developed for use on animals had also been used on human beings. In several of his stories, he draws an analogy between the slaughter of animals and the slaughter of Jews at the hands of Nazis. Having realized that all oppression stems from the same branch, Singer became a vegetarian. He understood that the quality of mercy is not—must not be—limited and that people cannot talk about peace with their mouths full of the victims of violence.

These people have some gall... Obviously, the invocation of Nazi means of human slaughter is unassailable, I take no issue with that part of this quote. But I'll give up meat on my own terms until I witness a shark renounce meat, otherwise, they're fair game. Why can't these people just be vegetarians in peace? Instead they're being vegenazi's by invoking a comparison between human suffering and animal suffering (the Third Reich had one of the most progressive animal rights laws in the world up to that point in time). A matter of fact, Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian AND Nazi Germany most certainly treated frogs, dogs, mules and pigs much better than it treated jews, gypsies, communists and slavs. PETA should've taken history before putting this campaign together...



In times of war and tumultuous existence, in times of peace and reflection, in times of transition and ambivalence, at any time, and in any place, there is no piece of music I can say sums up the experiences of life like John Coltrane's A Love Supreme. It is a beautiful four part suite- Acknowledgement, Resolution, Pursuance, Psalm. John Coltrane plays tenor saxophone, McCoy Tyner plays piano, Jimmy Garrison plays bass, Elvin Jones plays drums. This album is the sweetest musical journey any human being could wish to listen to, indeed listening to the four parts of this album would inspire the most hateful tyrrant or the most aggressive President to give a sincere and grateful hug to the music's maker. This is music soldiers could never fight to, although they could, perhaps, hear gruesome battles in the music. This is not protest music, despite it's tendency, in some parts, to move me to my feet. No piece of music is more accepting, sincere, intense, moving, soothing, worrysome or satisfying. The beauty that is this piece is of course a jazzy beauty, improvised in many places, sincere in that it was spurred by several moments, instances of deliberation, tension, friction and eventually, resolution. I urge you to listen to this piece, it might change your life...

Sunday, March 02, 2003


My favorite Nat Hentoff reports:

Since September 11, 2001, a number of us at the Voice have been detailing the Bush administration's accelerating war on the Bill of Rights—and the rising resistance around the country. This battle to protect the Constitution, and us, has entered a new and more dangerous dimension.

On February 7, Charles Lewis, head of the Washington-based Center for Public Integrity, received a secret, but not classified, Justice Department draft of a bill that would expand the already unprecedented government powers to restrict civil liberties authorized by the USA Patriot Act. This new bill is called the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003. Lewis, in an act of patriotism—since this still is a constitutional democracy—put the 86-page draft on the center's Web site, where it still remains (www.publicintegrity.org).


Clever and slippery Presidente Mexicano, Vicente Fox is under pressure from the U.S. Government AND his own peeps concerning the "Iraq issue." What's his price, if he has one?

As he rode a horse along the U.S.-Mexico border, President Vicente Fox said Sunday that his country, a member of the U.N. Security Council, would continue to seek a peaceful resolution to the Iraq conflict.

Fox, who is under pressure at home to reject a Security Council resolution authorizing force to disarm Saddam Hussein, declined to say how Mexico would cast its vote, despite heavy U.S. pressure to back the United States in its quest to win U.N. approval for war with Iraq.

"It is indispensable that our country make a grand effort to collaborate for world peace, to fight to avoid a war and to come together globally in the fight against terrorism," Fox said during an annual horse ride along Mexico's northern border.

Mexico's public opposes a U.S.-led war against Iraq and Fox has consistently called for a peaceful resolution to the situation.

"We are working with other leaders, other countries - particularly the United States - to find a way to disarm Iraq," he said. "Assuring the total disarmament of Iraq is the true path to peace."


(Current Secretary of Defense) Donald Rumsfeld and Saddam Hussein.


North Korean Tyrrant Kim Jong Il has supposedly expressed his willingness to give asylum to Saddam Hussein if he wants it. Whether he will provide 72 virgins for Saddam is still under investigation. Kim is spearheading a campaign of evil, elitist, tyrranical fraternity and solidarity among the tyrrants of the world. The India Times reports:

HONG KONG: North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has offered political asylum to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, according to a front page story in Sunday's South China Morning Post.

The bizarre tale appears to be the kind of news story that newspapers like to publish on April Fool's Day, except for one thing: it has a credible source.

He is Stanley Ho Hung-sun, the wealthy magnate who runs Macau's gambling casinos, through whom "high-level North Korean officials have offered the Iraqi dictator and his family 11th hour sanctuary in a mountain in North Korea"

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