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Thursday, September 18, 2003

This is from our friends at Blah3:

This one's for the New Yorkers in the audience.

My good friend and B3 reader Josh called me today, and he brought up the plight of one of NYC's longest-standing and legendary music venues, The Bottom Line.

Seems NYU wants them to vacate the location that they've held for nearly 30 years, which is unparalleled by very few clubs in NYC or anywhere else. They owe some hefty back rent, which they intend to pay - but NYU is not guaranteeing them that they'll be able to stay even when the back rent is paid.

The Bottom Line is a downright historical venue in the Big City. If you've ever seen a show there, we urge you to write to NYU in care of John Beckman", assistant vice president of the Office of Public Affairs or Lynne Brown, the VP for University Relations and Public Affairs . And be sure to CC the folks at the Bottom Line - and forward this message to your friends.

Help save this legendary venue. Thanks.


In many articles there are always standard assumptions that create the basis for the article and all of the subjects it takes on. President Bush often benefits from these assumptions, given the elite media's tendency to swallow the White House's assumptions whole and blow the chunks back at the public at large. We on this side of the monitor want to challenge an assumption in today's New York Times, we'll let you pick it out first:

WASHINGTON, Sept. 17 — Everywhere he turns — from the United Nations and Congress to allied capitals and the warrens of Baghdad and Tikrit — President Bush is finding major obstacles to his effort to secure and rebuild Iraq.
The idea is that Bush is aiming to secure and rebuild Iraq. Do you remember our posts on this page (March 23, 2003 and April 10th, 2003)? THEY WENT TO SECURE THE OIL FIELDS FIRST!! NOT THE IRAQIS.

MSNBC.COM reports:

THE SIZE and scope of the government contracts awarded to Halliburton in connection with the war in Iraq are significantly greater than previously disclosed and demonstrate the U.S. military’s increasing reliance on for-profit corporations to run its logistical operations. Independent experts estimate that as much as one-third of the monthly $3.9 billion cost of keeping U.S. troops in Iraq is going to independent contractors.
Where the hell is this money going? Why is it all going to 6 or so companies, and why is this occupation producing no fruit after a few months of time and billions of dollars?

Furthermore, if the companies involved in the Army's occupation of Iraq stand so much to gain by being there, in Dollars they certainly do, then why would they want to speed things up? Why would they want to train and allow Iraqis to perform the services they are providing so soon after this grand business opportunity opened up? Open Secrets has its shit together when it comes to tracking how this political money changes hands.

The six companies -- Bechtel Group Inc., Fluor Corp., Halliburton Co. subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root, Louis Berger Group Inc., Parsons Corp. and Washington Group International Inc. -- contributed a combined $3.6 million in individual, PAC and soft money donations between 1999 and 2002, the Center reported on its news site, CapitalEye.org. Sixty-six percent of that total went to Republicans.
These companies gave almost 2.4 million dollars to Republicans over 3 years, more than 1.2 million dollars to Democrats over the same period. These companies have gotten back BILLIONS OF DOLLARS on their investment, diversifying pays.

Every member of Congress who voted for this war is to blame for this, THEY made this possible, THEY SOLD US OUT. Thanks Hillary, Chuck, you screwed us well.


WASHINGTON, Sept. 17 (Reuters) — House and Senate negotiators agreed today to kill most of a widely criticized Pentagon computer-surveillance program and block it from being used domestically as they approved a $368 billion military spending bill.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Medicinal Mraijuana is now available to the Canadians who need it most--those who suffer from glaucoma, HIV/AIDS. The Canadian Government, however, needs to get with it...

OTTAWA (CP) - Some of the first patients to smoke Health Canada's government-approved marijuana say it's "disgusting" and want their money back.

"It's totally unsuitable for human consumption," said Jim Wakeford, 58, an AIDS patient in Gibsons, B.C. "It gave me a slight buzziness for about three to five minutes, and that was it. I got no other effect from it."

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