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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Hell no. But he is pretty though...

I believe it is on account of this prettiness, the military uniform, and his southernness that people are so excited about this man. If you forget everything on this page, do not forget this tidbit of info: Wesley Clark is a Republican. He publicly announced that he is a Democrat only days before he announced for president. He raised money for the National GOP in Arkansas last year and according to right wing reporter, Matt Drudge (who else?) Clark made these CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY LOONY STATEMENTS IN 2001:

During extended remarks delivered at the Pulaski County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner in Little Rock, Arkansas on May 11, 2001, General Clark declared: "And I'm very glad we've got the great team in office, men like Colin Powell, Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice... people I know very well - our president George W. Bush. We need them there."

A video of Clark making the comments has surfaced, DRUDGE can reveal.

"That's the kind of President Ronald Reagan was. He helped our country win the Cold War. He put it behind us in a way no one ever believed would be possible. He was truly a great American leader. And those of us in the Armed Forces loved him, respected him, and tremendously admired him for his great leadership."

Clark on President George Bush: "President George Bush had the courage and the vision... and we will always be grateful to President George Bush for that tremendous leadership and statesmanship."

``I was fighting (Bush's) reckless economic strategy while Wes Clark was working to forward the Republican agenda by raising money for the Republican Party,'' the Connecticut senator said.
Clark cannot be trusted to push forth a progressive agenda. I am pledging here to never vote for General Wesley Clark just as I have taken the same oath to not vote for Joe Lieberman. Voting for Clark would not be a gamble when it comes to the issues progressives care about, voting for Clark would guarantee the continued neglect of progressive values and objectives that would make our lives in this country better. Any Clark regime would see the growth of a military budget and the military agenda that causes good schools and adequate services to be concentrated either in high class suburbs or in the private sector where their costs are way beyond the reach of regular people. No Clark, no sir.

Friday, September 26, 2003

In the nation you have always known as home does not mean the United States will treat you fairly. An article in Socialist Worker online makes it stark and clear that the Extreme Military Agenda plans on recruiting into the military Latinos in the U.S.A. and abroad who are in seemingly dead-end ground in this country.

One of the good things that President Bush did was to make it easier for soldiers who die in combat to obtain citizenship, post-humously, obviously if they are not citizens before they serve. Why can't this also be a solution for soldiers who serve and return alive? Are immigrant soldiers better dead?

These people in power are true arseholes. Click the title link to get to this story:

Latinos in particular are seen by the Pentagon as a lucrative "market" for military recruitment. According to a recent report in Britain’s Independent newspaper, "Senior Pentagon officials have identified Latinos as by far the most promising ethnic group for recruitment, because their numbers are growing rapidly in the U.S., and they include a plentiful supply of low-income men of military age with few other job or educational prospects."

This is an admission of a widely acknowledged fact--that there’s a poverty draft in the U.S., with the bottom ranks of the U.S. military filled by young men and women who join up because of the promise of job training and money for college. In fact, the Pentagon admits that recruitment is up because the economy is so bad.
If people would simply ask themselves, and then answer honestly this question, does this government stand for my interests, or fight for my livelihood?


God bless the Onion!!! You see peeps and peepettes of the world, this piece is about more than Bush's plan's for education, this is about the worldview that these motherfuckers in office embrace. To them, everything is about gaining from investments, there is no room for a common good, there is no place for a safety net, or a concept that ties Americans together and gives us a common foundation, like the public schools...

"For generations, we've viewed spending on our nation's young people as an investment in the future," Snow said. "Unfortunately, investments of this type take a minimum of 18 years to mature, and even then, there's no guarantee of a profit. It's just not good business."

Snow compared funneling money into public schools, youth programs, and child health-care clinics to letting the nation's money languish in a low-interest savings account.

"Federal expenditures are recouped when a child grows up and becomes a productive, taxpaying member of society," Snow said. "But we don't see a sizable return on our investment unless a child invents something profitable, or cures a costly disease, like cancer. The wisdom of making such long-range, long-shot investments is questionable at best, especially when you consider inflation. America would do better to invest in profitable business ventures. It's just that simple."

Thursday, September 25, 2003

My and my buddy's first impressions from the debate this afternoon.


Banker's Buddy: joe lieberman is hilarious
Memorybanker: oh god
Banker's Buddy: lol u watchin the debate?
Memorybanker: what'd he say; i happen not to be a fan
Banker's Buddy: this idiot said "whats the question?" he has no idea whats goin on, he asked that question after five people answered
Banker's Buddy: and he's makin cooooooooooorny jokes people are laughin at him
Memorybanker: what channels the debate on?
Banker's Buddy: cnbc, theyre talkin about the economy
Memorybanker: ahhh i c
Banker's Buddy: i think itd be the hardest thing in the world to debate like that
Banker's Buddy: 'amongst the other candidates in front of the world
Banker's Buddy: lol al sharpton is comin up!
Memorybanker: i know, HE'S HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!
Banker's Buddy: what an idiot
Banker's Buddy: lol
Banker's Buddy: he said "african americans are here on bad trade policy"
Banker's Buddy: LOLOLOL...LMAO!!!!
Memorybanker: LMAO
Banker's Buddy: "im here on a bad trade policy!"
Banker's Buddy: lol
Memorybanker: i like dean, he's pretty cool
Banker's Buddy: i do too
Memorybanker: he's pretty reasonable
Banker's Buddy: he's solid
Banker's Buddy: theres a black WOMAN running?!
Banker's Buddy: wow! i hope she doesnt think she has a chance
Memorybanker: carol moseley braun she's a former senator and ambassador to new zealand
Banker's Buddy: shes smart though
Memorybanker: she's very smart
Banker's Buddy: who was she the senator for?
Memorybanker: i like bob graham too
Memorybanker: senator from illinois; the only black female senator ever
Banker's Buddy: whats the name of this army dude again?
Memorybanker: wes clark or john kerry?
Banker's Buddy: ho just hopped on like last week
Memorybanker: wes clark
Banker's Buddy: yeh clark, its either gonna be him or dean i think dean will win out though
Memorybanker: clark's gonna peter out fasst
Banker's Buddy: yeh...he has no money!
Memorybanker: i think it'll be dean gephardt or kerry
Banker's Buddy: he came in too late
Banker's Buddy: Sharpton's comin up again!
Banker's Buddy: hes tryin to look serious
Banker's Buddy: lol
Memorybanker: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, pimpin suit tho
Banker's Buddy: lol
Memorybanker: shitty tie
Banker's Buddy: i know!
Memorybanker: nice handkerchief
Banker's Buddy: u see the lady?
Banker's Buddy: lol
Memorybanker: haha they flash to the black lady
Banker's Buddy: shes like "ummmm whats he talkin about?"
Banker's Buddy: he got a clap again! he's on fire!
Memorybanker: i know, she probably thinks he's retarded, she's soo damn smart she talks circles around everybody
Banker's Buddy: that is true....it sucks shes black though
Memorybanker: she's like a black hillary
Banker's Buddy: yup
Memorybanker: and hillary is like a female bill
Banker's Buddy: u heard clinton was gonna try to be mayor right?
Memorybanker: so imagine if carol moseley braun were a man wasp! whaaaaaaaat clinton, mayor?!?!
Banker's Buddy: u never heard about that?
Memorybanker: hahahahahahaha
Banker's Buddy: thatd be hot!
Memorybanker: why, he can make sooo much dough by NOT being mayor
Banker's Buddy: true,,,but still
Memorybanker: ohhh gawd
Memorybanker: "a crisis of confidence"-gephardt
Banker's Buddy: she is good!
Banker's Buddy: yeh
Carol Moseley Braun notes that she's receiving fewer questions from the panel.
Banker's Buddy: lol...i wonder why she got less questions....
Memorybanker: hahaha, typical
Memorybanker: he's got shit for policy
Banker's Buddy: and his tie sucks
Memorybanker: what's he gonna do? "These rules are in place, they just need to be implemented"-clark
Memorybanker: HAHAHAHAHA oh boy, clark
Memorybanker: kerry's too ugly to be president
Banker's Buddy: lol
Banker's Buddy: seriously
Memorybanker: has there been a president in recent times that's been that ugly?
Memorybanker: i think the last one was probably william howard taft, who was fat AND ugly
Banker's Buddy: thats awful
Memorybanker: at least kerry is tall and skinny
Memorybanker: but he's ugly
Banker's Buddy: bush isnt too handsome buddy
Memorybanker: he's plain enough, he's not handsome or ugly, he's just plain and he's got that regular dude look
Memorybanker: and he's got game
Banker's Buddy: he needs to get an education


This is a short paper I wrote for my United States Foreign Relations Since 1890 course that I am studying with Professor Anders Stephanson, a Swedish scholar of United States history. I bet they don't make you pack this much stuff in at Harvard, Ricardo...

Theodore Roosevelt's Monroe Doctrine

The Roosevelt Corollary (1904) is a deduction based on the principles and assumptions of the Monroe Doctrine (1823). The Monroe Doctrine expresses the concern of the United States that European intervention in the Western Hemisphere would undermine the sovereignty and security of the United States. This doctrine does not necessarily consider the factors that President Theodore Roosevelt responds to in his Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine. Theodore Roosevelt recognizes that the United States, in 1904, is strong enough to enforce its regional hegemony, and based upon this reality and his desire to prevent European interventions in the Western Hemisphere he voices his Corollary. Roosevelt’s policy calls for United States intervention in other nations of the Western Hemisphere when they “fragrantly” and repeatedly violate the rules of the so-called civilized world. This policy would become a premise for United States intervention in Latin America while keeping European presence in the New World minimal.

The Monroe Doctrine’s purpose is to maintain United States hegemony in the Western Hemisphere by precluding the specter of European intervention from being a factor. The doctrine did this by calling for an end to colonization, and no American intervention in neither European affairs nor European interference in the Western Hemisphere. Monroe’s pretext for asserting these arguments is that any extension of European power is dangerous to peace and the interests of the Unites States. This policy is an attempt to keep the aspirations and potential growth of the United States independent of European global aims and interests. The Monroe Doctrine demonstrates that The U.S. was not interested in a recolonized Mexico, for instance, growing to become a powerful, Spanish (and thus European) backed, adversary of ‘Manifest Destiny.’ President James K. Polk was the first U.S. President to refer to the Monroe Doctrine as a doctrine; it is no coincidence that he strongly supported Manifest Destiny as well. Just as it will be for Teddy Roosevelt during his Presidency, the Monroe Doctrine is an excuse for the United States to intervene in Latin America and the consequential territorial expansion is completely congruent with the ideology of Manifest Destiny, which holds that the westward expansion of the United States was preordained by a higher power. The Monroe Doctrine protects the ends that Manifest Destiny advocates by keeping European powers out of conflict with the United States while it is becoming a world power.

President Roosevelt’s Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine reasserts Monroe’s belief that the Europeans should never intervene in the Western Hemisphere. However, Roosevelt’s Corollary provides a more elastic basis for U.S. intervention in Latin America by claiming that the United States can be an “international police power,” to restore order in American nations, and to enforce the statutes of the so-called civilized world in order to head off European intervention. In other words, the United States, rather than the European nations themselves, would enforce the interests of people like the German and English creditors whose respective governments blockaded Venezuela in the winter of 1902-1903. And although the United States claims to have “international police power,” it does not seek to intervene in Europe to remotely the extent it which it meddles in Latin America. In Manifest Destiny, professor Anders Stephanson notes that Roosevelt’s diplomatic approach was “domination in the Caribbean, balance of power in the Far East, and nonentaglement in Europe….” The United States only polices other states in the Western Hemisphere, and Europe, presumptively, only polices states in the “Old World.” Such policies and practices are hardly detached from the foundation the Monroe Doctrine had set in the previous century.

Both, the Monroe Doctrine and Theodore Roosevelt’s Corollary to it, aim to defend and expand United States hegemony in the Western Hemisphere excluding Europe from military dealings in the New World. President Roosevelt’s Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine places the doctrine in the context where U.S. power is uncontested in the Western Hemisphere, neither by the Latin American nations nor by the European nations. Firstly, the Monroe Doctrine expresses the concern of the United States that European intervention in the Western Hemisphere would undermine the sovereignty and security of the United States. Consequently, driven by the concept of Manifest Destiny, the United States uses the practical, political utility of the doctrine to go to war with Mexico and win more territory. Ultimately, Theodore Roosevelt recognizes that the United States is strong enough to enforce its hegemony in the American Hemisphere, and based upon this new reality and his desire to prevent European interventions in the Western Hemisphere his Corollary is conceived. This policy would provide the basis for U.S. intervention in Latin America to “maintain order,” or enforce “civilized” behavior.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

In a speech to thousands of supporters, Dean said next year's election was about protecting American democracy from "a narrow band of right-wing ideologues" who were trampling the U.S. Constitution.

In a speech to thousands of supporters, Dean said next year's election was about protecting American democracy from "a narrow band of right-wing ideologues" who were trampling the U.S. Constitution.

"George Bush doesn't represent us, he represents a small handful of people who have been taking from America and we want a president who will give back to America," Dean said to cheers from the crowd.
If you think Clark can boringly talk about whatever it is he talks about, while Howard Dean takes it to this motherfucker, then you're going to be surprised when Howard cleans up the early primaries.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

The site is very funny.


That is according to Durex Condoms' Survey of Sexual Habits Worldwide. Americans have sex, on average, 118 times a year.

Hungarians spend half the year humping eachother!! I don't know about you but I'm PROUD to be an American dammit!

Happy Birthday John Coltrane.





Today would be John coltrane's 77th birthday. To me John Coltrane is the greatest angel of a musician who has ever hit this earth. The first jazz recording I ever consciously listened to was "In a Sentimental Mood," the Duke Ellington composition and collaboration. Coltrane's music transforms me and restores a sense of peace and tranquility in my soul by the time each song concludes.

I truly believe that listening to "A Love Supreme" changed my life, I think that no one on this earth deserves to die without having listened to "A Love Supreme," this is a great record, it kicks ass, it lifts me up and it truly is a masterpiece of artistic achievement, and without the subtlest hint of pretension or superiority. Coltrane did not play to prove how good he was, he never set out to prove how complicated or advanced his music could get, he played because his musical journey was the most integral part of his personal, spiritual journey toward the very music that soothes every soul in the human community.

Coltrane referenced sources far and wide to achieve this 'perfect' music. In 1960, Coltrane went to India and absorbed many of the different chords and scales that are utilized in Eastern music. He came back transformed and was one of the first Western musicians to truly assimilate Eastern music styles with Western forms. What the hell would the Beatles have done without Coltrane's lead?

Coltrane's personal story is amazing, his moving from relative obscurity in the middle 1950s when Miles Davis signed him on as a member of the most popular Jazz unit of the time (perhaps ever), The (first great) Miles Davis Quintet, to musical Sainthood by the time of his death in 1967, demonstrates the impact of Coltrane's musical and personal innovations. And I think nobody has completely filled the vacuum John Coltrane left when he tragically died of undiagnosed liver cancer in 1967.

Boy, I wish I were alive to hear this man play a line or two.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Today, the key question about Ronald Reagan remains not only unanswered but unasked. It is just this: How did this childlike fantasist and friend of genocide convince a nation of reasonably intelligent, God-fearing and generally decent citizens to avert its eyes from the heart of darkness that beat beneath his congenial smile?
This guy is the last word on almost every topic he discusses, listen well peeps, and read better when Alterman is having a word...

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