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Friday, October 17, 2003

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

This is from Dissento:

On a day when three more US soldiers and god-knows-how-many Iraqis die, George Bush talks about the war, telling us "People are willing to sacrifice for the country they love." He then teed up with three buddies. Bush told reporters that he writes a letter to the family of each fallen American soldier and has wept with relatives. "It is hard," Bush said in an interview with the Dallas-based Belo affiliate services TV network. The president then sacrificed a new Titleist into the right rough on his tee shot. Earlier Bush discussed how hard it's been:
How fucking cute!


Congress will not overturn the F.C.C.'s de-regulation of the big media monopolies. The Republican majority leader, Tom DeLay, will not allow a vote on this important issue to take place. The vast majority of the House of Representatives opposes the existing rules, but no vote will take place.

Every day I watch these folks in Washington in action I wonder "who wears the pants in the marriage between the corporations and the politicians?" The extreme Republicans in the House of Representatives have answered the question for me, the most powerful man/Republican in the House of Representatives, Tom DeLay has proven that he is a fighter for the powerful. The Corporate American Media has said diddly squat on this issue. Typical.

If Tom DeLay can prevent the will of the cast majority of our nation's voters from taking place, I've got to at least question if we live in a Republic at all. However, I don't understand what he gets out of this. Does DeLay think that he has power?

Are the politicians really making the decisions? Or are the obese media making the decisions? If the corporate media decided that rolling back the rules is okay with them, then (don't you think) the vote would take place in Congress and the rules would be made right and fair? So if DeLay is simply consenting to the will of these media companies (because he votes for the interests of the most greedy among them every time) then who has the power in Congress, DeLay or the media companies?

It is quite obvious that Tom DeLay is nothing better than a fluffer for the big media companies.

I mean, they've gotten what they want, and if they decide tomorrow that they're not going to give him any more cash for his Congressional campaign next year, it makes no difference to them, they've already gotten off.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

US soldiers driving bulldozers, with jazz blaring from loudspeakers, have uprooted ancient groves of date palms as well as orange and lemon trees in central Iraq as part of a new policy of collective punishment of farmers who do not give information about guerrillas attacking US troops.

Of course they've gotta be playing Jazz right?! I think Ted Nugent would be more appropriate music, no?


It's been a few weeks since I last wrote about the Iraq Invasion, Conquest and Occupation. But first, a story. So I am helping run a table for the Columbia University Anti-War Coalition, a splendid, organization dedicated to educating Columbia University's community on the follies of Bush's hostile takeover. At the end of this gig three gentlemen approach me and engage me in a debate about the, what else, the wisdom of the Iraq Invasion, Conquest and Occupation. One of the guys tells ME that I am **gasp** UN-AMERICAN!! And that the Anti-War Coalition's literature is "lib'rul propaganda."

First of all, I think I'm the only liberal in the Columbia Anti-War Coalition, everybody else is pretty radical. This is a topic I am extremely sensitive about though. I am not Un-American, the blood of my ancestors has fertilized American soil for hundreds of years, from the slave ships from Africa, to the Cherokee reservations of South Carolina, there is not a soul on this earth that is more American than mine.

I told the boy, "go fuck yourself, because you don't fucking know who the fuck I am, I'm not taking that shit from you or any of your cocksucking Nazi serial murderers."

Of course, the kid was Jewish. But that does not become an issue until later. In the meantime he ate his words, and decided to say he meant to say that my positions are un-American, because my position is against the position of the U.S. Government. The kid was apparently stupid.

I said "BULLSHIT!" The U.S. Government endorsed the Vietnam War, would opposition to the Vietnam War be an Un-American position? The U.S. Government supported the assassinations of foreign leaders, would it be Un-American to be opposed to the assassination of foreign leaders that were not directly threatening the United States? Furthermore, I added, it is well known that the Neo-Conservatives have wanted to eliminate Saddam for years, and that Paul Wolfowitz opposed the limited nature of the U.S. Military's bombing of Iraq by Bill Clinton in 1998.

Paul Wolfowitz thinks that it is the job of the United States to castrate the Muslim states in the Middle East. You're not convinced? Read what he wrote in 1996!

They were still not convinced that they wanted Iraq all along! They still didn't think it was a vast right-wing conspiracy! Well, it turns out these kids were Israeli Zionists, who believe that God gave Israel all the land from the Suez Canal to Jordan, to the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers....

These kids are in no way indicative of the way most Israelis feel about the Middle East, but this was my first personal encounter with Zionists who truly believe that I am Un-American and Anti-Semitic because I think there should be two states in Canaan, an Israeli State and a Palestinian State. If that makes me an anti-Semite then call me HITLER!

Here are some interesting bits of info about the Iraq War, from Howard Dean's web page.

Operation Iraqi Freedom:

By the Numbers

365 -- Days since Congress authorized a unilateral war

324 -- American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines dead in Iraq

1,767 --American military casualties in Iraq

164 -- Days since President Bush declared the war was 'over'

184 -- American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines dead since war was “over”

2.38 -- Tons of biological agents the Administration claimed Iraq had

6,868 -- Gallons of anthrax the Administration asserted Iraq was ready to use

317 -- Gallons of botulinum toxin the Administration reported Iraq was hiding

581 -- Gallons of aflatoxin the Administration stated Iraq possessed

45 -- Minutes the Administration claimed it would take Iraq to launch a WMD attack

Over 300 -- Alleged Iraqi weapons sites inspected to date

0 -- Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction found.

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