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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

This is a very interesting issue. All of a sudden the mainstream press is bringing back the establishment line that Howard Dean is "too liberal" and has no chance to beat George W. Bush in the general election in November. The press said it back when Dean had his first surge in fundraising and popularity back in the summer when I was a volunteer for that campaign. Now, as I sit at school observing the political rhetoric unfold again, the orthodoxy actually believes that Dean could get the nomination, that was NOT a one time thing that would trickle out like change out of a Republican's pocket.

Indeed the Dean insurgency is substantive, not fleeting. The Republicans and Joe Lieberman are yelling "Dean is taking the Democratic Party back to Mike Dukakis and George McGovern." He has to be stopped because a Democratic Party that stands for something besides what the Republicans stand for is terrible for this country and divides us along partisan lines and kills Democrats.

Howard Dean is in a fight against the Democratic political elites--the Terry McAughliffes, Hillary Clintons and Joe Liebermans. The bland, yuppie pricks who turned their backs on the Democratic Party base and drove millions of voters into cynicism by paying vague lip service to their real needs, while cutting their lifelines and livelihoods while in office. I think "Welfare Reform," tax cuts, the Iraq War, NAFTA, increased incarceration, decreased education funding, and the abandonment of comprehensive healthcare evidence the D.L.C.'s abandon of the Democratic Party grassroots; but hey, I'm a liberal.

The Lowdown on Dukakis

Former Massachussetts Governor Michael Dukakis was screwed by a racist television hit job advertisement in the fall of 1988, but it is fair to say he was an incomplete candidate for the presidency who was Greek (not a WASP) and was a member of the American Civil Liberties Union. Indeed, whenever people like Joe Lieberman speak of people like Michael Dukakis or even George McGovern it is almost as if they would have voted for the Republicans in the elections that Dukakis and McGovern (and perhaps Dean eventually?) ran in. Michael Dukakis probably did not articulate his religion as much as he should have during the campaign, he did not articulate his strong bonds with his family and his dependence upon his family structure (and God and Church) to get through his daily dealings, and these are issues that are crucial to building a true rapport with a vast segment of the American public.

In the 1988 primary candidate Al Gore mentioned a weekend furlough program that Governor Dukakis supported (but did not sign or introduce) that allowed one individual named Willie Horton to skip state boundaries show up at a random home in Maryland, tie up a newly wed couple, rape the wife several times and then slay both people. The horror of the American public, (the horror!!) that the Governor of the liberal state of Massachussetts would allow something like that to happen was INCREASED that much more by the fact that Willie Horton was BLACK and the couple was white, and the girl was a blonde beauty.

Al Gore "only" mentioned it, little did that D.L.C. defector and motherfucker know that he was giving the Republicans the rope that they would use to hang Governor Dukakis and liberal values, more generally. George H.W. Bush's (Bush Senior's) campaign put out an ad in the fall that had the dark black face all over the American t.v. screen, and with it the faces of Mike Dukakis, and of course the beautiful, young victims of this terribly heinous killing. Dukakis's lead (YES, LEAD) over Bush began to shrink in the last month of the election.

Finally, a question was put to Governor Dukakis during the last presidential debate of the election--what would YOU do Governor Dukakis (you bleeding heart lib'rul you!) if YOUR wife were raped and killed by Willie Horton? Mike Dukakis flaked on the question, he answered with some contrived bullshit, something like "umm, uhhh I love my wife, but..." and Dukakis kicked the bottom out from under himself as the press, the D.L.C. and the Republicans worked together to slip that rope around the Governor's neck.

I would like to ask Joe Lieberman if he honestly thinks that Governor Dukakis's loss in that election was related to policy more than to style, because consistently, polls demonstrate that most Americans agree with Democrats on the key issues that affect our lives on a daily basis.

Joe Lieberman does not want to mention Mike Dukakis or George McGovern when I'm around to say anything about it, that's for sure.

I'll talk about why McGovern lost soon; I'm not sure that had so much to do with policy issues either.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

"last week Mr. Bush for the first time voiced his support, saying, "I will support a constitutional amendment which would honor marriage between a man and a woman, codify that."

The statement signals the White House's increasing confidence that it can exploit the matter in the presidential campaign, both to energize its evangelical supporters and to discredit the eventual Democratic nominee.

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